FAVE Hire Equipment

FAVE Hire Equipment

This is not an exhaustive list as new equipment is often added to the inventory.
For more information, please contact us.

    • Camera Kit
      Sony EX3 Camera
      • FULL HD - 1920x1080p
      • Atomos Samurai Blade, up to 10-bit 220Mb/s recording
      • Awarded Discovery HD's Silver Status
      • Interval Recording & Variable Frame Rates
      • Removable Fujinon 14x Zoom Lens
      • Matte box and barn doors
      • Shoulder mount

    • Tripod System
      Vinten Vision 3 2-Stage Liquid Head Tripod & Spreader
      Quick Release Plates For Sony EX3 Camera

    • Post-production
      Full post-production services with Adobe Creative Cloud apps
      Dual-screen, 6-core processor edit suite, 32GB RAM, SSD and RAID, K2000 pro video card
      DVD authoring with Adobe Encore
      Full-face DVD printing

    • Sound 1x Sennheiser ME66 Shot Gun Mic
      Rode Boom Pole
      Pistol Grip
      Wind Jammer
      XLR Cables

    • Lighting
      3-Head Dedolight Kit w/Tripods, Barn Doors, Gel/Filter Holders, Dimmers
      Assorted Lamps, Worklights & Battery Powered Torches
      Strobe Light
      Selection Of Mobile Disco Lights w/Various Patterns/Colours/Movements

    • Chroma Key
      Datavideo Chroma Key Kit
      • Dual Colour LED Light Ring w/Controller & Adapter For EX3 Camera
      • 2x 1.25m by 2.5m Retro-reflective Backdrop
      • Chroma-Keyer Unit for live keying in SD

    • FAVE Hire Specialty: Outdoor Filming
      3m x 3m Gazebo With Removable 'Walls'
      Collapsable Tables, 10L Water Container, Ground Sheet
      Fold-Up Camp Bed For Keeping Equipment Off Cold/Damp Ground
      Fold-Up Armchairs For Keeping Cast & Crew Off Cold/Damp Ground
      300W Power Inverter Providing Mains Electricity

    • Extras
      LCD/LED Monitors
      Megaphone (A great Director's Toy!)
      2-way Radios
      Lighting Gantries & Various Tripods/Stands
      Tool Box
      Hundreds Of Metres Of Mains Power Cables & Multi-Socket Extension Leads
      Hi-Vis Jackets
      Fire Extinguisher
      Tapes (Gaffer, Masking, Red/White, Yellow/Black, Electrical)
      Batteries From AAA to D-cells, Single-Use and Rechargables
      AV Cables & Adapters (inc Scart, S-Video, Composite, HDMI, Coaxial)
      Stationery (inc Highlighters for Scripts, Pens/Pencils, Flash Cards, Name Tags)
      Hundreds of Reusable Cable Ties (Various Sizes) & Cable Tidying Straps
      Bungee Cords w/Hooks, Rope, String, Luggage Straps
      VW Transporter Van and professional ex-PCV driver (also with HGV licence)

    For all enquiries, please contact us here